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Entrepreneur Showcase

Entrepreneur Showcase

Entrepreneurs Showcase follows SMEs on their business journey, explores the ups and downs of people in the entrepreneurship ecosystem to share experiences and offers advisory to help them improve their businesses. Join #FabulousJulian as she takes us through the world of business owners and the challenges they face.

2022-11-28 10:11:25.0

Brand Story

Why Brand Story is important

In this episode, you will learn how to craft your Brand story.

What are the 2 most critical elements of Brand storytelling? (Authenticity and Relevance)

2022-11-21 10:32:32.0

Brand Positioning

What is brand Positioning?

Why is it important for entrepreneurs

How can entrepreneurs know their present position?

Is the Branding position different for product and service businesses?

How to use social media to reposition your brand

2022-11-07 11:47:21.0

Effective Marketing Strategy for MSMEs

?Definition of Marketing Strategy

?Why MSMEs need to develop a marketing strategy

?Components/elements of an effective marketing strategy

?Final words, charge and expert advice to MSMEs

2022-11-02 10:31:42.0

S.W.O.T Analysis

?Why is it important to a business?

?How to use the template with examples /case study

2022-10-24 04:13:11.0

Workplace Safety and Wellness

In this episode, you will discover things you can do to create a psychologically safe environment, and learn about employee voice and how to protect it.

2022-10-17 12:56:12.0

Remaining Profitable And Liquid As A Business

In this episode, you will learn what it means to be profitable, understand the term liquidity and how a business can be both profitable and liquid at the same time

2022-10-11 11:17:36.0

Employee retention

On this episode of Enterprenurs Showcase Fabulous Julian discusses the trending topic of employee retention with Phil Maduagwe. Listeners of this exciting episode should expect to learn:

1 What Employee Retention is about and the dynamic factors that can lead to retention.

2 Merits of retaining employees in your organisation for a longer period.

3 Strategies SME Owners should deploy to retain employees.

2022-06-22 02:08:21.0

Basics Of Market Research(Part2)

On this Episode of Entrepreneurs Showcase, join Fabulous Julian as she discusses with Bola Edwards, Co-founder of Proud Africa Roots about her business journey in the creative art field.

2022-06-15 10:33:11.0

Upclose With Bola Edwards, Co-founder of Proud Africa Roots

On this Episode of Enterpreneurs Showcase, join Fabulous Julian as she discusses with Bola Edwards, Co-founder of Proud Africa Roots about her business journey in the creative art field.

2022-06-07 11:05:08.0

Basics Of Market Research (Part1)

On this episode,Fabulous Julian discusses with Fuh Che about the Basics of Market Research.

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