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Inclusion for All Radio is a podcast and story-sharing series that seeks to project the voice of the poor, marginalized groups in Nigeria, highlighting the barriers that keep them excluded from formal financial services. The goal is to ensure all relevant stakeholders cannot avoid hearing the voice of the poor.

2023-10-09 10:59:23.0

Conversations Across State Lines - Kaduna State’s Digital ID Journey

What we know: Foundational identity system that encourages inclusiveness and aligns with best practice is critical to participating in the formal economy. Formal ID confers recognition by government and service providers and enables access to a host of services - financial, health, education, and social safety nets.

On Episode 11 of Inclusion for all radio, Chinasa Collins-Ogbuo - podcast host and Head of Inclusion for all Initiative, is joined by Zayyad Tsiga, Ph.D - the Executive Secretary of the Kaduna State Residents Identity Management Agency (KADRIMA). Zayyad shares the Kaduna State Digital ID journey highlighting the success factors and their approach of a sustainable path to a secure and cost-effective data management system by collaborating with NIMC (National Identity Management Commission). Listen to this episode, the first in a series of curated conversations and lessons across states in Nigeria on their digital ID journeys.

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2023-06-23 12:39:02.0

USSD Dilemma and the Threat to Financial Inclusion in Nigeria

A significant proportion of the banked populations in underserved communities are more likely to have access to or own basic and feature phones and thus rely on the use of the USSD services for basic banking services.
On Episode 10 of Inclusion for all radio - Henry Chukwu, a Digital Financial Services expert with over a decade of experience in digital finance, policy advocacy and program management in the financial inclusion ecosystem; joins podcast host Chinasa Collins-Ogbuo in this conversation. Henry sheds light on the dynamics of the ongoing disagreement between the Telcos and the Banks and what a USSD service cut-off could spell for Nigeria’s financial inclusion objectives

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2023-03-21 11:13:11.0

NIGERIAN NAIRA REDESIGN: Impact On Women In Rural Communities

What we know:
Since the implementation of the policy in December 2022, when the new naira notes were released – there has been a myriad of deadlines, and deadline extensions restrictions, coupled with the limited supply of the new notes which paved the way for arbitrage and extortion by people who had access to the new naira notes.

In Episode 9 of the Inclusion for all podcast series, Chinasa Collins-Ogbuo - podcast host and the head of Inclusion for all Initiative, is joined by Dr. Osasuyi Dirisu, a gender and inclusion expert who currently serves as the Executive Director at the Policy Innovation Centre.
Dr. Osasuyi brings a gender lens to the Naira redesign conversation – sharing firsthand encounters with the barriers that limit the access of women in rural communities to formal services.

2023-02-13 01:09:43.0

Nigeria Naira Redesign: Informal Groups in a Cashless Economy- The Trust Quotent

What we know: A lack of trust in the financial system is a recurring and critical barrier to financial Inclusion. Given the Central Bank of Nigeria's 10-day deadline following the inability to get both old and new naira notes, and the persistent long queues at bank branches and ATMs, the informal groups are more likely to be affected in the transition to a cashless economy.

On Episode 8 of Inclusion for all radio, Chinasa Collins-Ogbuo - podcast host and Head of Financial Inclusion for all Initiative, is joined by Titilola Feyijimi - Chief Operating Officer at Ajo Card, an indigenous digital financial platform created to deliver financial services to the underserved population.

Titilola shares her concerns highlighting the impact of the transition to a cashless economy in engendering a lack of trust in the formal financial sector. With recurring failed transactions and relative issues in the banking sector, she discusses the role of the government in addressing these issues to encourage more transactions, particularly from the informal groups who are not adequately educated, aware of the policy and believe "cash is king."

2023-01-26 12:26:22.0

The Nigerian Naira redesign series: Effectiveness of the CBN Cash Swap Initiative for Rural Areas

What we know: There’s a significant gap in the agent network distribution target the CBN has set for the country, and the gaps are more pronounced in rural locations.

On Episode 7 of Inclusion for all radio, Chinasa Collins-Ogbuo - podcast host and Head, of Inclusion for all Initiative; is joined by Victor Olojo - the serving National President/Chairman, of the Association of Mobile Money and Bank Agents in Nigeria (AMMBAN) to discuss the “EFFECTIVENESS OF THE CBN CASH SWAP INITIATIVE FOR VULNERABLE COMMUNITIES''.

Based on what we know, we are concerned about how effective the commendable effort of the CBN to reach the poorest through the cash swap program will be. Victor speaks passionately about the challenges that may be encountered due to the time frame limitation and the likelihood of not reaching the groups that need it the most.
At Inclusion for all, we continue to represent and amplify the voices of those we care about – and the Naira redesign has led to a series of conversations on how we can reduce the impact on the poorest

2022-12-14 11:06:49.0

The Nigerian Naira Redesign Series: Enabling Financial Inclusion Or Extenuating Financial Exclusion?

What we know: 54% of the unbanked poor population (unbanked adults who live below the PPI poverty line) in the EFInA 2020 survey indicated their preference as saving their money in a safe place at home or carrying it around, suggesting the existential cash culture amongst the unbanked

On Episode 7 of Inclusion for all radio, Chinasa Collins-Ogbuo - podcast host and Head, Inclusion for all Initiative; is joined Professor Olayinka David- West, the Associate Dean of the Lagos Business School (LBS) in Nigeria where she leads the Sustainable and Inclusive Digital Financial Services (SIDFS) initiative, a research, advocacy and capacity building initiative dedicated to enhancing financial inclusion in Nigeria.

Professor David-West sets the perfect tone for further conversations about the Naira redesign directive by the CBN. She shares from her wealth of knowledge of how the directive aids financial inclusion but even with the best intentions still poses the risk of widening the exclusion gap if certain actions are not taken.

At Inclusion for all - conversations on topical issues that could disproportionately affect the vulnerable populations remain important; as we use our platform to dimension the issues using reliable data insights in addition to views from various ecosystem actors, to deepen our knowledge of the issue and guide recommendations. This is one of such conversation, as we start the Naira redesign series and continue to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the plight of low-income groups.

2022-09-12 07:39:00.0

Financial Inclusion In Nigeria - Stories Behind The Numbers (FINDEX 2021)

What we know: The majority of unbanked adults continue to be women even in economies that have successfully increased account ownership and have a small share of unbanked adults
On Episode 5 of Inclusion for all radio, Chinasa Collins-Ogbuo - podcast host and Head, of Inclusion for all Initiative; is joined by Tolulope Babajide - a gender specialist with experience in gender programming, financial inclusion, and agricultural livelihoods.
Tolulope is the Gender Network Manager at FSD Africa where she works primarily on the Gender Collaborative Programme, across the 10 Financial Sector Deepening Organisations in Africa.
She shares stories from her field experience to highlight why the inclusion gender gap persists in Nigeria and what roles relevant stakeholders must play to address the gap.
We will continue to lend our voice and support to conversations and causes that seek to remove the barriers hindering the formal inclusion of the marginalized groups – until change happens.

2022-07-13 01:22:24.0

NIN-SIM Call Barring- Role Of The Telcos

What we know: The decision taken by NIMC/the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy on April 4 to disconnect mobile lines yet to link their NIN to their SIM cards immediately restricted the services of more than 30 million Nigerian mobile phone users.

2022-06-01 01:01:42.0

Formal Inclusion Of Poor And Vulnerable Nigerians - Who Should Care?

In this episode - Chinasa Collins-Ogbuo, podcast host and the Head, Inclusion for all Initiative; is joined by Adédèjì ?l??w?? to discuss “Who should care about including the poorest and vulnerable Nigerians in the formal sector”?

2022-04-28 01:14:33.0

NIN Sim Link Call Barring - What It Means For Nigeria's Vulnerable Population

On this episode - Chinasa Collins-Ogbuo, podcast host and the Head, Inclusion for all Initiative; is joined by Aisha Ahmed to discuss the recent NIN-SIM linkage call barring and how it’s affecting people in hard-to-reach locations.

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