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989 Tech Talk

989 Tech Talk

The show profiles the entire tech industry with original analysis on trends, up-to-date info on everything; startups, venture capital funding, tech news and profiling of new tech products and services. The listener will catch up with all the major tech events, game expos, and opportunities for engagement in the ecosystem.

2019-12-16 05:36:49.0

Michelle Discusses Cyber-security with ASCO Software

Capturing everything tech from tech trends to hacks, Michelle reviews iPhone 11 Pro, digs through Uber’s new talk about audio-recording birder's conversations and how Kenyan construction picks $200,000 funding. You can also learn everything about cyber-security with ASCO Software company as Michelle asks your most important questions from the experts.

2019-12-16 04:09:44.0

Financial Assistance and Quick Loans, The Rise of Loan Sharks in Africa

In trouble and need some money? Michelle shares some tech trends and updates on financial assistance and quick loans. She also discusses health tech and electronic updates. Tesla’s invention of electric trucks, Kiwi’s assistance to businesses for campaign and targeting and Amazon’s creation of dash smart shelf for small businesses. Also, from the founder of OLAPOD, Michael Falade learns more about the company and what they have to offer.

2019-12-16 04:03:22.0

989 Tech Talk - The Obsession With Tesla's Cyber Truck and Uber's Woes Across The World

Michelle takes us through a journey of latest tech trends and updates as this episode reviews Tesla's cyber trucks, Uber’s access denial in London, Hp’s rejection of its latest takeover offer. Also, listen to how to make money from the new market research created by Facebook.

2019-12-16 03:58:10.0

989 Tech Talk - Jiji’s $21 Million Funding Round, the Expansion of Cars45, Uber’s Francophone Africa's Agenda

Listen to intelligent conversations between Michelle and the founder of DRYVA and the founder of EVERYMAN TECHNOLOGY. She gives updates on Jiji’s 21 million dollar funding, the expansion of cars45, Uber’s launch in its first francophone country and Jumia travel’s takeover by Travelstart.

2019-12-16 03:54:12.0

Is Facebook’s Market Share Dying Among Young Users?

Ohi joins us today to spice up the tech conversations. Ohi is a tech enthusiast, he shares with Michelle conversations on Facebook’s dying market share among young users. You can listen to tech updates on Google’s new development of data transfer services, I-FIX’s funding of e-commerce store for mobile phones and assistance rendered by a Malian company for rural farmers to access crop insurance.

2019-11-18 11:17:10.0

989 TECH TALK - Interview With Amauche Emenari

MIT wants to understand your thought and they are currently betting $ 1 billion on the project. Michelle and Amauche Emenari Chat about the plan and how Africa comes into this ambitious plan.

2019-11-18 02:24:23.0

In The Gaming World: Experiential Reality is Unstoppable - Uche From QUADRAON

The Gaming World: Uche share some great insights: Experiential Reality is the buzz word and of course in forms of AR and VR

2019-11-18 02:20:22.0

Latest on IoTs: Dedicated Fascinating IoT Operating System is Here; Edge Computing on the Rise

Latest on IoTs: Dedicated Fascinating IoT Operating System is Here; Edge Computing on the Rise, changing data storage process and interaction with Cloud

2019-11-18 02:11:29.0

989 TECH TALK -Interview With NATA BASE

Latest on IoTs: Dedicated Fascinating IoT Operating System is Here; Edge Computing on the Rise, changing data storage process and interaction with Cloud

2019-11-18 02:04:30.0

Gadget - Maximizing The Battery Life of Your Smartphone

Our Partner from FoneRepairGuy shares tips and tricks on how to improve the battery life of your smartphone and also the Dos and Don'ts of maximizing battering longevity of a smartphone



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