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Doing Business in Africa

The business potential of Africa is tremendous in all sectors, including energy, infrastructure, agriculture, natural resources, and information and communications, offering opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs. Africa has the potential to ensure its own food sufficiency and be a major supplier in global food markets. Similarly, the continent has the world’s largest reserves of vanadium, diamonds, manganese, phosphate, platinum-group metals, cobalt, gold, aluminum, and chromium, offering opportunities for entrepreneurs in the mining sector.
Africa may present some challenges to doing business, but to those who are willing to learn and understand the intricacy of the region, there are massive opportunities for growth and success.
In this program, Rania, Samar & Soji traverse the length and breadth of Africa from Cape Town, South Africa, to Cairo, Egypt, exploring the huge potential often hidden throughout the continent.  Don't miss this important talk show.

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